Give The Gift Of Celtic Music This St. Paddy’s Day

If you are Irish, you are probably already gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day. Though this is not an official U.S. holiday, many people consider it one. They dress in green, decorate their office space, and give gifts to friends and neighbors. If you are one of these festive folks, consider giving a gift of Irish music this year.

With its Western European folk music roots, Celtic music is easy to identify. Over the years, this musical style crossed the pond and influenced American country and bluegrass musical genres. If you cannot head to the Emerald Isle to enjoy the tunes, why not create a CD of popular Celtic music? The wonders of technology make this easy to do.

Create a song list and download the tunes through online services like iTunes. If you have Celtic music CDs and want several tunes from each, load these into your computer. Compile the songs and burn them onto a CD. Many computers contain writable CD drives and the associated software features step-by-step instructions.

Burn copies of your CD using the same software. You will need some CD jewel cases (green ones, of course) and UV coated CD covers. Design the covers yourself, using a colorful image of Ireland for the front and a shamrock or Irish flag watermark on the back. Add the song list to the back and include a wish for good luck in the coming year.

To get more creative with the artwork, select two panel, four page UV coated CD covers and double the length of your design. A good online printer can handle either job and will not charge extra for folding or second-side printing. Insert a cover into each jewel case slot, place a CD in the tray, and you have an instant gift that celebrates the Irish culture.

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