Make Your Direct Mail More Effective

According to the Direct Marketing Association, a typical direct mail promotion garners a 3.42 percent return on investment. Using personalization on letters, brochures, postcards, and other marketing collateral will increase the average response rate by 33 percent. That being said, every company should personalize its direct mailings.

Just because the marketing team uses personalized collateral does not mean they do this correctly. To be an effective promotion, personalized direct mailings must feature information relevant to the target audience. The more useful the information is to recipients, the higher the response rate will be. Work begins before the mailings have been designed and it continues long after mailing.

Customer lists should be updated regularly by removing duplicate and old addresses. If a zip code, apartment number, or other information is missing from an address, add it to the customer record. If an address cannot be found for a name or vice versa, remove the record from the mailing list. Having an accurate mailing list makes it faster and easier to personalize the printed items and yields a better response rate.

Add discounts or coupons to postcards, letters, and brochures. These have been proven to create very high response rates. Use information in the customer database to develop offers that relate directly to each recipient. For example, restaurant owners can tailor discounts to a lunch or dinner crowd and retail store owners can base their offers on past purchases the customer has made.

Using Quick Response codes on personalized mailings keeps recipients engaged. It also allows the company to track, measure, and analyze user clicks and time spent regarding the promotion. Companies can use this information to make future promotional campaigns even more successful. By personalizing direct mail, consumers receive messages designed to meet their needs, making it more likely that they will respond.

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