Marketing Business with Cinco de Mayo

How to Market Your Business Using this Festive Mexican Holiday

in store advertising, indoor banner, indoor bannersCinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and although we do not often correlate this holiday with seasonal marketing, it may be the perfect opportunity to step outside the box and get your company recognized. For many, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s independence from Spain, but for those in the US it also symbolizes the special relationship our country has with our southern neighbors – not to mention many people love to go all out in celebration of this time of year. Cinco de Mayo has the potential to gain your business some free publicity – and here’s how:

Cinco de Mayo Marketing for Retail

For small business owners who operate a retail company, consider including the Cinco de Mayo theme into an open house or happy hour style event in your space. This is a great opportunity to embrace the theme and include traditional Mexican and/or Spanish foods, decorate with sombreros and colorful banners, as well as include other traditional elements like a mariachi band. This atmosphere is perfect for just shooting the breeze with customers and hosting an event that shows you appreciate them.

Cinco de Mayo Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

Many bars and restaurants use Cinco de Mayo as an opportunity to host a “Cinco de Drinko” style event at their business that includes drink specials on traditional Mexican style beers and cocktails. While it is fine to follow this trend, it is also important to make sure your event stands out from the rest and is the best one in town! Consider adding fun contests to the day’s festivities like a piñata, “bobbing for chili peppers,” and coming up with a special Mexican style menu to commemorate the day.

Cinco de Mayo Marketing for Hotels and Tourism

Believe it or not many people travel during the Cinco de Mayo holiday to celebrate. This is a great opportunity for hotels to offer special discounts and ramp up their email marketing to attract attention to their offerings, especially those hotels in high tourism areas or areas offering Mexican and Latin influenced attractions. You can take this marketing one step further by getting hotel staff to wear sombreros and other Mexican garb during the height of the holiday and also offering traditional drinks and food for the culture to help bring the Cinco de Mayo experience to every guest staying with you.

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