New Home? Throw A Housewarming Party

With declining housing prices and interest rates at record lows, home buying is the most affordable in decades. If you are among the Americans taking advantage of this by purchasing a new home, why not celebrate your good fortune? After the furniture is moved in and the pictures are hung, it is time for a housewarming party.

Jumbo postcards make the perfect invitations for this event. Take a photograph of the new home and adjust it to fit a 6×11, 6×18, or 8×10 postcard. Whether you select 14 or 16 point card stock, you pay the same low price for short run printing. Full color print comes standard, so capture all the colors of the season. Add high gloss UV coating to make the photograph shine and preserve the rainbow of hues.

Use the reverse of these jumbo postcards to include details regarding the party. For an organized event, list an ending time. If things will be a bit more informal, leave it open-ended so people can stop by throughout the day. Parties like this usually ebb and flow so there should be time to heat up extra food and refill the punchbowl.

Short run printing companies can produce these invites in about two to four business days. Allow time between order and mailing dates for addressing the cards. Save on postage by distributing these to neighbors, co-workers, and family members by hand. If you are not the proactive type, next business day rush print service is available.

Before submitting the design file to the printer, be sure it adheres to the layout guidelines. Proof it several times to make sure date, time, and address are correct. After receiving the printed postcards, review them to identify any defects in workmanship. Reputable printers guarantee their workmanship, offering a refund or free reprint.

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